Jack Lenz is a passionate humanitarian dedicated to inspiring children.  In 2003 Lenz co-founded the Canadian chapter of Hilary Duff’s “Kids with a Cause” a charity that supports local children’s charities. He is also involved with KidsFest Canada, Rainbows Canada and is currently working with Dr. Carter Snead on an unparalleled donation drive for Sick Kids Hospital.

To further encourage youth aspiring to join the industry, Lenz Entertainment enlists several co-op students and interns every year and teaches them the ropes. From sitting in on big recording sessions, to helping engineer them, to learning the intricacies of television production, Lenz goes out of its way to mentor the next generation of artists. 

The Freedom to Believe Foundation was established by Jack in partnership with Hugh Locke in 2009.


The human family must be free to search for truth and to believe.

Freedom to Believe is a movement to protect and foster the freedom of conscience, religion and belief.

It is founded on the example of a 17-year-old girl named Mona who defied the fanatical clergy in Iran. Imprisoned for no crime other than being a member of the Baha’i community, Mona was tortured for months and eventually executed because she refused to give up the one thing the morally corrupt regime in Iran wanted most – her freedom to believe.

Mona showed that an individual can make a huge difference. The organization inspired by her heroism is enlisting youth from every part of the world, every religion and every walk of life to join Mona in protecting the freedom to search for truth and to believe.

 The four principle goals of the movement are:

  1. to connect likeminded youth by building an online community of those who want to continue Mona’s  work of protecting the freedom of conscience, religion and belief;
  2. to educate youth regarding the principles embodied in the freedom to believe;
  3. to advocate for those whose freedom to believe is denied or curtailed by focusing global attention on specific cases and circumstances around the world where that freedom is being denied; and
  4. to empower youth who are showing leadership to serve as ambassadors on behalf of the organization.

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