Kaitangata Twitch
13 x Half Hour Live-Action Family Drama Series From The Mind of Celebrated Children’s Writer Margaret Mahy.

The hand gripped Meredith’s leg, pulling her down into the island itself. She struggled, one arm ? ung over her head, the other pinned against her side. She screamed, sand ? lling her mouth, her nose, her eyes. She woke up, waist deep in the ocean, her Father tugging at her wrist, attempting to wake her up. She had been sleepwalking again in another horrible dream, but Meredith was certain: Kaitangata Island – hungry, alive, twitching with small earthquakes that constantly change its form – was calling.
– Margaret Mahy

For 12 year old Meredith Skerritt, teenage life has suddenly become more complicated. With her older sister and 10 year-old brother, she lives in a typical family, but Meredith is at an age to discover many new things about herself, her family and her heritage. Meredith has always felt like an outsider, has felt she was different; now she is being visited by strange, vivid, disturbing dreams. She is having amazing visions. She is being drawn to the Island in her sleep. But what does it want? What is it trying to tell her?

With the help of a mysterious old man, Meredith must reach into the myths and legends of the past to calm the angry and dangerous spirit of an ancient Chief who possesses Kaitangata Island. Whether or not she likes it, Meredith has been chosen to be the Island’s keeper. She must watch over Kaitangata and all its twitches.

Shot entirely on location in New Zealand, “Kaitangata Twitch” features high-end live action and CGI and a fresh cast of talented young actors. A spellbinding thriller re? ecting contemporary teen life but deeply rooted in Maori culture, the series will appeal to an international youth and family audience.

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