Apollo's Pad
The Little Bar Where Everyone Forgets Your Name.

Big Voice

Come on into Apollo’s Pad - a neighbourhood dive owned by its creditors but run by Apollo himself. Apollo is a self-proclaimed God of Disco and an all-around good guy – also self-proclaimed – looking to make a buck and maybe make a little sweet love along the way.

Apollo and his son Ice Flow play host to motley crew of characters: Meet Mickey, a British ex-Rock Icon with a love of expletives and an extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals; Sno Flake; a white wannabe rapper with a bad-ass attitude; and Angel, a raunchy Cougar on the prowl.

It’s a no-holds–barred exploration of the darker side of life as seen through the bottom of a shot glass.


Apollo’s Pad – An edgy puppet-based comedy for an adult audience from Galleon Entertainment.

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Monster Factory
Half Hour Puppet & Live Action Tween Series Based on the Well-Loved Monster Factory Characters!


World Of Oo
52 x 22’ Animated Series for Little Ones and Toddlers


The World of OO is baby’s busy box. Little ones and toddlers too will feel the welcoming warmth of a world of wonders scaled to their tender senses. Simple and profound. Created in the conviction that babies are our most important audience and that their innocence should be engaged with both great care and great quality.

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Judge Junior
“Your Honour, I’d like to address the court… after recess”
Ben Gariardi, 8 years old

Big Voice

Kids are pleading their innocence on a daily basis, whether their actions are attributed to mischief or experimentation, they are found guilty and their punishment is set by none other than every child’s judge and jury, mom and dad. The bleeding hearts of grandparents aren’t always available to come to their defense and frustration peaks when these defendants feel unheard. This is where Judge Junior comes into play, a safe haven where kids are not only allowed but encouraged to plead their case and seek justice. Being denied ice cream before bed or confiscated playstations are just some of the hardships kids face when handed down punishment. Kids will be granted the opportunity to take their parents, teachers, siblings or coaches to court where they will be heard by an impartial judge and jury. The show will address the

everyday common problems faced by kids today and hopefully build a bridge of understanding between parent and child, both in court, and for the audience at home. Judge Junior is the unlikely offspring of Bill Cosby’s “Kids say the darndest things” and “ Judge Judy”

Each show will deal with two separate cases. A very brief synopsis of each case will be narrated by kids as headshots of the defendant and plaintiff are flashed on screen. The Judge (family therapist) will be introduced by a child bailiff and the minutes recorded by a child stenographer. Each case will be a ten minute segment with 30 seconds deliberation as the judge reaches a verdict. Both the plaintiff and the defendant will be required to submit evidence and call witnesses. Judge Junior will also travel to the defendant’s home or relevant location to document cases and provide intent. The end credits will roll while a recap is given of the show’s cases, their verdicts, the moral dilemmas they raise if any and future lessons for life.

An interactive website will be in place where kids will be able to plead their cases online, Chat rooms and blogs will be constantly running allowing for kids to discuss their cases with one another nation wide. Cases not selected for the show will still be pleaded out and a verdict delivered via email with a subject heading reading “Verdict”. Those chosen to be pleaded out on television will be contacted via email with a subject heading reading: “You’ve been Served”. All forms of evidence are welcome and can be submitted on any platform, whether it be video, audio or picture. Cases submitted on the website can be viewed by all and comments and reviews welcomed.

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