Big Voice
13 x Half Hour Transformational Lifestyle Series

Big Voice

There is a unique and powerful voice in every one of us that sometimes just needs a little professional help to bring out. Big Voice takes everyday women from the shower to the stage, helping them realize their true musical potential.

Big Voice connects Elaine Overholt (vocal “guru” to the stars) with a variety of women who want to discover their true vocal ability and gives them one shot to experience the satisfaction of being applauded for their talent and transformation.

In each episode Elaine meets a new songstress and learns both her “story” and what her ultimate performance dream is – whether it’s crooning a jazz standard in a tiny, crowded piano

bar or belting out a theatrical tune on a Broadway stage in front of thousands!

A step-by-step journey will take each singer from cringing to con?dent. With the help of expert choreographers, performance coaches and stylists, Elaine addresses all areas needed to nail a world-class performance. Elaine’s students will discover that tuning in to their big voice isn’t always easy. But through persistence, motivation, and sometimes a little tough love, Elaine never lets them give up on their dream. When the big day ? nally comes, Elaine sits front and centre, watching and cheering as her student takes the stage for her singing debut.

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Busker Corner
45 buskers… 15 cities worldwide… 1 life-changing record deal!

Big Voice

Busking: a British term used to refer to street performers or street musicians, often considered the bottom rung of the entertainment industry. Some of the most famous groups and superstars started their careers as buskers, including Joan Baez, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and Canadian pop rockers Barenaked Ladies. Many other buskers have also found fame and fortune. The next success story… may be yours!

Think “music competition” on the street corner of your favorite city in the world! That’s BUSKER CORNER. This International competition will be shot worldwide with buskers competing locally and internationally voted to the next level of success on the world stage by you, the viewer, with a winner take-all record deal at Universal Records.


Showing up on street corners in cities across the globe will be the series host, and two music industry pros — a leading musician and record exec from Universal. They’ll be searching for someone with enough talent, passion, and presence to face the challenge of rising from busker on the corner to having that special something we call “star” potential. And to do that, unique challenges will be created for the buskers to compete head-to-head to prove their talent. Standing somewhat incognito amongst the onlookers, the industry pros speak briefl y about talent potential and decide whether the busker has what it takes to move up to the next level of competition.

The name of the game is to test their abilities in an unorthodox manner while the viewers at home and on the street call or text in their vote picking the one Busker with the most potential to move forward and seal that record deal. By the show’s end, only one Busker stands supreme on Busker Corner, winning that once in a lifetime opportunity of securing a recording deal that will change his/her life forever. UNTIL…

…Next year, when another generation of buskers is heard performing on street corners across the globe with the hopes that they too, will get that special opportunity found only on BUSKER CORNER.

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